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The JSC DORSNAB which is included into NTDH group of companies dates back from 2005. The primary activity of the JSC DORSNAB is the maintenance of the roads of federal value passing across the territory of 6 subjects of the Russian Federation which total length is more than 1500 km: M-4 "Don", R-217 "Caucasus", A-146 "Krasnodar – Novorossiysk" and Stavropol Territory road network. Customers of JSC DORSNAB are the State company "Russian Highways", FKU Uprdor "Chernomorye", FKU Uprdor "Caucasus".

Today the staff in six branches and head office of the enterprise runs to 1100 people – the main capital of JSC DORSNAB! Branches are located in Stavropol and Krasnodar Territories, and the head office in the city of Armavir in Krasnodar Territory. All of them carry out a wide range of roadwork and except the maintenance of highways, branches of the company repair particular sites of the roads, installation of road signs, a barrier protection, alarm pillars, there is a subdivision for the external electric lighting lines and traffic light objects maintenance. On sites of public highways of federal value the structural division of JSC DORSNAB – DEP-7 which is created especially for this type of works is engaged in drawing lines of a horizontal road marking and has all necessary equipment. For works the DEP-7 staff have specialized machines and equipment of the leading producers in this branch, besides the best and most experienced experts of the South Russia are involved to work with this equipment. Some mobile crews which carry out the road marking of any complexity in the shortest possible time at the maximum quality, various advanced ways are formed.

To increase the level of safety on highways, we set LED road signs functioning on solar batteries. In 2011 the JSC DORSNAB opened the first full-fledged control center of production (CCP), in the city of Krasnodar which purpose consists in the round-the-clock supervision over road condition in Krasnodar Territory, interaction with the state customers, bodies of STSI, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, municipalities, road users. Opening the center allowed to provide instant response of divisions to any contingency on sites of roads being processed connected with weather conditions or with other road factors. In 2013 the second control center of production (CCP), in the city of Armavir (Krasnodar Territory) which purpose consists in the round-the-clock supervision over the condition of federal road network in Stavropol Territory and the Republic of Kalmykia, was opened.

Dynamism of the development of JSC DORSNAB is traced in all spheres: in constant increase in volumes of the performed works, expansion of specialization and the geography of activity, modernization of production base, innovations development.

Company address: 130, Komsomolskaya Str., Armavir, Krasnodar territory, Russia 352900
Phone: 8 86137 5-56-86, 5-57-91
Fax: 8 86137 5-56-86