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JSC «Donaerodorstroy»

Акционерное общество «Донаэродорстрой»

JSC «Donaerodorstroy» is a backbone company of the Russian economy. It specializes in the complex construction of roads with asphalt and cement concrete pavements, airfield pavements and hydraulic structures.

This year the company celebrates its 65th anniversary. Over the past years, the airports in Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, Taganrog, Volgodonsk have been built, more than 6,000 km of highways have been paved.

The enterprise implements projects in Rostov, Volgograd, Vladimir, Novgorod, Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, the Krasnodar Region and the Republic of Bashkortostan. JSC «Donaerodorstroy» has peen paying special attention to the federal highway M-4 «Don», which connects the North with the South of the country.

Today the largest infrastructure projects of the Rostov region are associated with the name of JSC «Donaerodorstroy». It was the constructors of «Donaerodorstroy» who handed the keys to the residents and guests of the Rostov region from the access roads to the Rostov-on-Don international airport Platov.

The construction of an automobile bypass of the Rostov agglomeration began in the east of Rostov-on-Don. With JSC «Donaerodorstroy» specialists’ efforts the northern automobile bypass will form a ring road around the southern capital. The sections JSC «Donaerodorstroy» is responsible for are being built ahead of schedule.

The builders of JSC «Donaerodorstroy» continue the large-scale construction of a new strategic infrastructure project - Stage I of the Volgograd Bypass. They plan to build three road junctions on the 12 km section of the new road, which will provide an access to the federal highway R-22 «Caspiy» (Astrakhan and Elista directions) and the regional highway Volgograd - Kotelnikovo - Salsk, and will also connect all directions with the regional center.

One of the most global projects being implemented today by the construction company is the far western bypass of Krasnodar. The future highway, 52 km long, will be located near the Maryanskaya village, bypass the Kopanskaya village, the villages of Novovelichkovskaya and Novotitarovskaya and go to 1304 km of the M-4 «Don» highway. The road is designed in such a way that the highway does not pass within the city limits of the capital of Krasnodar Territory, and also does not reach the agglomeration zone of other settlements of the Kuban. It will reduce transit traffic through Krasnodar and shorten the travel time to the Black Sea resorts of the Kuban. This will solve an important problem with congestion and gridlocks on the highway for hundreds of thousands of tourists who annually travel to the Black Sea by car.

The future road bypass is being built along a completely new route, without affecting or relying on the existing infrastructure, it is a highway of the first technical category with four lanes and a traffic speed limit up to 120 km/h. On the bypass, there will be erected 4 bridges over the rivers Ponura, Kochety, Saly and the Magistralny Canal, 9 overpasses at transport interchanges and through the internal network of local roads, as well as 11 agricultural lanes. Reconstruction of amelioration systems located on farmlands will be carried out, along which the new section M-4 will be paved.

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