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I would like to welcome the attendees and hosts of the 5th International Forum “Innovations in Road Construction”.

Over the five years of its existence, the forum has become a leading venue that brings together entrepreneurs, scientists, experts, students, government officials and corporations from different countries and regions of Russia.

The development of the existing innovation management system, the elaboration of its main elements, and the improvement of the functioning mechanisms of legal, administrative, scientific and technological regulation remain being the key priorities of the state in the context of implementing large-scale national projects. Special attention is paid to the elaboration of the system of interaction in coordinating the development and stimulating the introduction of innovations with the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Forum participants will have to find answers to questions related to the effective implementation of innovations in the road sector and their impact on the quality and durability of our roads. Entrepreneurs, young scientists and engineers will talk about innovative technologies created to bring the road infrastructure to a higher level in the short run.

The agenda of the forum includes a discussion of the professional education of road workers and the training of highly qualified personnel. After all, it's a person who plays the lead in acceleration of technological development. And in our country there are a lot of people who offer unique ideas and solutions able to propel Russia to the top positions.

I wish you a fruitful discussion, interesting meetings and all the best!

M. Akimov - Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation


On behalf of the Council of Federation and in my personal capacity I would like to welcome all attendees and guests of the 5th International Forum “Innovation in Road Construction”!

Road construction meeting the update requirements isessential for reliable and safe road connections between cities and regions of our country. Almost every sector of economy including industry, agriculture and social sphere depends on quality and efficiency of roadbuilders’ work. After all their labor has a direct impact on improving life quality of each person.

The International Forum “Innovations in Road Construction” has traditionally been a unique venue where the innovative approaches are discussed and envisioned, the coordinated decisions are made by representatives of government, business and public organizations.

I am confident that the forum will give us a good opportunity to work out a set of consolidated proposals aimed at improving legislation at all levels.

I wish all Forum attendees rewarding work, professional achievements and success in attainment of desired goals!

E. Bushmin - Deputy Chairman Federation Council Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation


Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the Ministry of Transport and on my personal capacity, I greet all the participants, guests and organizers of the forum “Innovations in Road Construction”! I congratulate you on the fifth anniversary of this successful international platform for the dialogue of representatives of science, government and business.

Active work on creation of a system for assimilating innovations in the road sector is conducted more recently – the last 10-12 years. Within this time, an appreciable package of documents regulating innovative activities has been adopted, an organizational management structure has been created, and a set of efforts supporting and stimulating innovative processes has been carried out.

The process of formation and improvement of mechanisms for introduction of innovations in the industry does not stop. The most pressing question today is how to improve the integrated effectiveness of the management system. The ongoing work is aimed at finding possible ways to increase the innovative attractiveness of the road construction industry. We need to consistently accept management challenges of current efficiency level analysis, problems detection and finding the best ways of their solution.

I wish all attendees of the forum meaningful discussions and rewarding work!

Yevgeny Ditrikh - The Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation


Highly-regarded organizers, forum members and guests!

On behalf of the Administration of the urban resort Sochi, I greet you and thank you for choosing our city for the fifth consecutive time to hold such an essential event for the road construction industry.

Post-Olympic Sochi has become a significant media information platform for a wide range of scientific, economic, sporting and mass cultural events. Changed infrastructure of the city and prolific sub-tropical climate have made it highly attractive for visitors from throughout our country and from far abroad.

Yet, I would like to highlight that such an urban development would be unachievable without road builders who had implemented the most audacious infrastructure projects.

Our city is part of the “Safe and high-quality roads” project. It is impossible to build such roads without applying technologies on each stage – from projecting to maintenance.

The opportunity to talk over different evaluations, approaches and priorities in addressing tasks on development of the Russian highway system on the coming forum is seen to be of the most immediate interest and use.

I sincerely wish you successful and meaningful work on the V International Forum “Innovations in Road Construction” and continued march and prosperity of the undertaking.

Well-being and good luck in all your endeavors!

A. Pakhomov - Mayor of Sochi

Е. В. Бушмин

On behalf of The State Company “Avtodor” I welcome the participants and guests of the 5th International Forum “Innovations in Road Construction”!

Promotions of innovations in road industry involves a range of activities: the use of modern high-performance equipment, the improvement of production technologies, the application of new materials corresponding to the level of traffic load and providing high durability and reliability of the roads, the introduction of the monitoring systems of road structure condition, the creation of safe and convenient infrastructure.

The accumulated experience in the construction of highways reveals that today to create a progressive technical solution is not enough; testing of technologies does not guarantee their wide use. A whole system of measures is needed for their effective implementation. This system includes improvement of information support and regulatory framework, effective funding, training of skilled personnel, adequate management.

“Avtodor” consistently introduces innovative solutions in its activities. Here are just a few examples: soil stabilization of weak subgrade during the construction of the M-11 highway, introducing the base of standards in high-speed roads design, construction and operation, interoperability, which allows using one transponder on all the toll roads of Russia. All this helps us to build more durable and comfortable roads.

To achieve more challenging tasks we for the 5th time assemble leading road industry experts, representatives of authority and science. The Forum gives us an opportunity to summarize the results achieved and the experience gained in recent years, and to chart the course for further development of innovative road industry.

I am confident that the 5th Forum will stick in our memory by significant discussions and productive meetings, and will add to promotion of challenging ideas and initiatives.

I wish all of us good luck and efficient work!

Petushenko V.P. - Chairman of the Board


Dear attendees of the 5th International Forum “Innovations in Road Construction”, I would like to welcome you on behalf of “Business Russia” All Russia Public Organization.

Today we regularly hold meetings with representatives of regional authorities and community, where we consider the key problems and challenges of high-priority fields. It is important for the systematic, well-coordinated work of all levels of government, business, professional and scientific communities aimed at development of the country.

The International Forum “Innovations in Road Construction” is a key platform where current issues of the development of the road and transport sector of the Russian Federation are discussed. The latest inventions and achievements are demonstrated, and measures assisting the implementation of innovative projects are proposed here.

A special feature of the Forum is the opportunity for personal communication of representatives of state authorities, business and public communities which makes the systems related to the implementation of national projects aimed at country’s development run like clockwork.

I strongly believe that only together we will be able to propel the country to the top of world leaders, and that the proposals and decisions following the Forum will only accelerate this process!

Alexander Repik - “Business Russia” All Russia Public Organization President


Promotion of innovations in road industry is not a trend. It is never so much a search for effective business strategies as a solution of the state problem of improvement of the road inter-maintenance period. Experts, representatives of relevant agencies of the federal government and headline players of the road construction market are called to consider issues of the innovative development of the branch.

Focus on innovation has been trend setting of the road industry development for some years. Implementation of advanced technologies is relevant to all its segments and insiders – from project developers, constructors and operating entities to direct road users – motorists and foot-passengers.

This is the 5th International Forum “Innovations in Road Construction” that characterizes it as relevant and in-demand among Russian and international experts.

I wish all the attendees rewarding discussions and business achievements!

S. Chupsheva - Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects (Autonomous Non-Profit Organization) CEO


I would like to welcome attendees and organizers of the 5th International Forum “Innovations in Road Construction”!

The effective collaboration of the government services involved in the road sector and “OPORA RUSSIA” has already brought visible results in handling of the issues of proper operation of the country’s transport complex. The collaboration is mostly aimed at construction, maintenance and repair of roads arousing public opinion. The rule-making is one more important area of the cooperation.

The well-being of business and the improvement of logistic processes contributing to the expansion of sales markets depend on the interaction and well-coordinated work of all the players in the road industry.

An open discussion of the problematic issues of the industry at the International Forum “Innovations in Road Construction” will undoubtedly have a positive impact on our legislative activities, ensuring a comfortable and safe transport communication for people living in Russia!

A. Kalinin - President of “Opora Russia” Organization


Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the founders, board and whole team of “Donaerodorstroy” Company, I'd like to send whole-hearted greetings to the participants, guests and providers of the 5th International Forum “Innovations in Road Construction”!

In the course of the years of its existence the Forum has become one of the key events for road builders of the country. This is because the application of innovations in the road sector is one of the main conditions for development of the industry, affecting the increase in durability of transport facilities and improvement of the unified transport infrastructure.

Joint-stock Company “Donaerodorstroy” has always aspired to meet the ambitious tasks facing it, including to hold leadership positions in matters of development and implementation of new products of technical progress. Now in the Company's order portfolio includes the large infrastructure projects, implementation of which is impossible without usage of new materials and technologies.

Cooperation with the State Company “Avtodor”, which pays maximum attention to innovations in road construction, even more stimulates our Company to use advanced technologies in its work.

There are no doubts that the Forum will be held in a meaningful manner and will put forward an effective solution of the priority tasks facing the transport complex of the country today.

Shareholders and board of “Donaerodorstroy” Company wish everyone success in work, success in desired goals achievement and new large projects!

S. Zubanov - The General Director The JSC “Donaerodorstroy”

On behalf of IRD Engineering Project LLC, I welcome the participants of the V International Forum “Innovations in Road Construction”.

The development of innovations in road construction is a key issue for improving the quality, durability and optimizing the cost of roads. The discussions held within the framework of the forum will allow all representatives and participants of the road sector to exchange experience and get acquainted with all current trends on this issue. In the current market, special attention should be paid to the issue of improving the regulatory framework, which could give impetus to development, in particular, using the latest international technologies.

In addition, an importantissue is the discussion of the application of the latest information technologies in construction, developed on the basis of BIM-modeling. Application of BIM-modeling at all stages of the project implementation - from design to building the final model of the road for its operation allows toall participants to receive timely and complete information about all components of the project.

I wish all the participants effective and fruitful work!

Luca Romeo - General director LLC “IRD Engineering Proekt”

Dear organizers of this event, participants and guests The fifth International forum "Innovations in Road Construction"!

On behalf of the General partner – Smolensk-DORNII-Project Limited liability company – I welcome you at opening of this significant activities in the city of Sochi which has become already good tradition, and I express sincere gratitude for the shown attention and active participation in this representative international forum.

Over the years the subject of innovative development of road infrastructure of Russia not only does not lose the relevance, but, on the contrary, becomes more and more significant and demanded what also the stated program of forum affecting the most important aspects of the current state and prospects of domestic road and transport complex, and the list of participants at the event confirms.

The new impulse has given to innovative development of road infrastructure the national project "Safe and Qualitative Highways" which is recently approved by the country leaders which has defined the main directions of development of highways of Russia not only on the near-term outlook, but also for many years ahead.

Successful implementation of this national project is our general task and – in good sense of this word – challenge to all professional and expert road community.

Therefore, dear colleagues and friends, allow to wish all of us fruitful creative work not only within this forum, but also in the subsequent work, directed to achievement of goals on formation in the immense territory of our Homeland of the developed network of safe and qualitative highways.

V.B. Saltykov - General Director of Smol-DORNII-Project Ltd.

Dear colleagues!

On behalf of "PIK" OOO (LLC) we are happy to welcome the guests, delegates and organizers of the V International Forum "Innovations in Road Construction"!

Regardless of the economic situation in the country, the level of business activity and the dynamics of investment, Russia's roads have to meet modern requirements, including high security level.

Our company is constantly improving and developing the existing products and services, and is also introducing innovative technologies in the field of production and installation of technical traffic means.

We monitor new market trends and the most current changes in the regulatory documents.

We hope that the V International Forum "Innovations in Road Construction" will allow us to discuss the existing problems and prospects for the development of the road industry, the achievements of "PIK" OOO (LLC) and also convince professionals of the road complex that today it is possible and necessary to work efficiently on the domestic autoroutes market.

We kindly invite you to our booth.

Chkalin Alexander - General Director of "PIK" OOO (LLC)

Chkalin Evgeniy - Executive Director of "PIK" OOO (LLC)

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